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        0086-3725999555 (Overseas)

        Cell phone: 18903725209

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        0086-3725999000 (Overseas)

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        In the industry to build a "garden style" Industrial Park

        Detailed Description

        With the development of industry, the modern enterprise has put forward the new request to the production area environment. Do a good job in the plant's green building, not only to beautify the plant capacity, absorb harmful gases, improve environmental conditions and can create a comfortable and healthy environment for workers to create a comfortable and healthy environment, can effectively improve the efficiency of labor. At the same time, the plant landscaping can also reflect the degree of civilization of the enterprise. Anyang city in Henan Jin Ming Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. under conditions permitting, the plant will be all green space, to improve and beautify the plant environment. Plant green areas include production management area, the main entrances and exits, traffic roads (main road, sub trunk roads, Branch Road) on both sides, production facilities, etc..

        The image of "Jamie sky blue, clear water, green, clean, clean", "beautiful scenery of spring flowers, Xia Youyin, fruit in autumn and winter scenery", this is the management of the company first proposed the "garden factory" concept, put forward the concept of the environmental protection work for the company, too set a new goal, the only way is to have a real sense of social responsibility of enterprises."


        Tel:0372-5698999(Domestic sales)0086-3725999555(Overseas sales)  Fax:0372-5698000 (Domestic sales) 0086-3725999000(Overseas sales)
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