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            Cell phone: 18903725209

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            Detailed Description


            Ferrosilicon nitride is a Si3N4 as the main ingredient, with no free iron, ferro silicon nitride and small amounts of other components of the mixture. For refractory goods ferro silicon nitride is a kind of gray (or dark brown) powder, white steel with ferro silicon nitride is granular material.


            The powder is mainly used for large blast furnace ferrosilicon nitride plugging hole clay, a small amount for ferrous material or other unshaped refractory materials, refractories with quality requirements of paragraph does not increase, more and more refractory products used in ferrosilicon or silicon nitride carbide.

            Granular silicon nitride is used mainly in oriented silicon steel or other steels that use nitride to increase strength (e.g., HRB400 steel).


            Note: 10-100mm, 0-200 mesh blocks, granules and powder can be produced according to user's requirements.


            Tel:0372-5698999(Domestic sales)0086-3725999555(Overseas sales)  Fax:0372-5698000 (Domestic sales) 0086-3725999000(Overseas sales)
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