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            Silicon Metal


            Silicon Metal

            Detailed Description

            Si-2202, Si-3303, Si-421, Si-441, Si-553, 0-10mm, 1-3mm, 2-5mm, 3-8mm, 100 mesh, 325 mesh and other grain size segments. Polysilicon, trichlorosilane with 20-100 mesh and 30-120 mesh, 40-160 mesh, 100-200 mesh, 45-325 mesh, 50-500 mesh of the size requirements of silica fume.

            Also called silicon metal silicon or silicon, is mainly used as the additive non ferrous alloy. Silicon metal is made of quartz and coke in electric The heat of the furnace smelting products, the principal component of silicon content is about 98% (in recent years, the content of Si of 99.99% is also included in the silicon metal inside) The remaining impurities are iron, aluminum, calcium and so on.

            For a large number of silicon smelting ferrosilicon alloy alloy elements in the steel industry, as a reducing agent in many kinds of metal smelting. Silicon or aluminum alloy The vast majority of cast aluminum alloys contain silicon. Silicon is the raw material of ultra pure silicon in the electronics industry. The sub device has the advantages of small size, light weight, good reliability and long service life. High power crystal prepared by doping silicon single crystal with specific trace impurity Tubes, rectifiers, and solar cells are better than those made of germanium single crystals. The research progress of amorphous silicon solar cells is very fast, and the conversion rate is 8%. On. The highest temperature of the silicon molybdenum rod electric heating element is up to 1700 degrees Celsius, which is not easy to aging and good oxidation resistance. Silicon production three Silicon hydrogen chloride, can be formulated as a few hundred kinds of silicone resin lubricants and water repellent compounds, etc.. In addition, silicon carbide can be used as abrasive, high purity silicon oxide production of quartz Tube is an important material of high purity metal smelting and lighting fixtures. 80s paper - silicon is called "80s paper" ". This is because the paper can only record information, and silicon can not only record information, but also processing information processing to obtain new information. 1945 The world's first electronic computer, equipped with 18000 tubes, 70000 resistors, 10000 capacitors, the entire machine weighs 30 tons , covers an area of 170 square meters, equivalent to the size of 10 houses. And today's electronic computers, due to technological advances and material improvements, in one The size of a nail cover on the silicon wafer, can accommodate tens of thousands of transistors; and there are input, output, operation, storage and control of information, such as a series of Function. Microporous calcium silicate insulation materials insulation materials is a kind of microporous calcium silicate insulation material excellent. It has small heat capacity and high mechanical strength, Low thermal conductivity, non combustion, non-toxic, tasteless, cutting, convenient transportation, etc., can be widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, ship and so on. Kind of thermal equipment and pipe. After testing, the energy-saving benefit is better than asbestos, cement, vermiculite and perlite cement insulation materials. Special calcium silicate material The material can be used as a catalyst carrier, widely used in petroleum refining, automobile exhaust purification etc..

            Tel:0372-5698999(Domestic sales)0086-3725999555(Overseas sales)  Fax:0372-5698000 (Domestic sales) 0086-3725999000(Overseas sales)
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